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How to Vacation like a boss

Wednesday, February 08 2017


How to Vacation Like a Boss!

Have you ever wanted to take a trip to the Bahama's, and walk on the Sandy beaches,snorkel and swim in the beautiful Blue ocean? Well you can do that now with AvonThis incentive is not just for those all ready in the leadership program of Avon but also NEW Representatives who join during the incentive time frame.Even if you are not able to make this All expense paid trip, you can still be a winner with Cash. That is right! You will receive a lump sum of $500 or $1000 if you achieved this with a guest.
  • So what is the timing of it you may ask?
The timing is Campaign 3-9 2017 For Trendsetter Campaign 5-11 2017All you need to do is meet your goals and you will be off and running.

What do I need to do to Earn this Trip?

The steps to earning this trip is located on the flyer below however I will list them here for better viewing.
  • Go to start Avon Enter code Debhunter.
  • Start contacting everyone you know about you new Avon business.
  • Reach $500 in each campaign (Award sales)
  • Recruit from an Avon source (such as Alma) New recruit needs to place a first and second order of $500.
  • Recruit from a personal Source. same as above for sales needs.
  • Title Promotion (advance in title ambassador and above)
  • Mentor others to do the same!


Check the picture below to see what the point values of earning a Trip to the Bahama's.

16143193_10154847687177200_5692079733785228010_nDoes this look good to you? Are you ready to earn your way to financial freedom and a trip to the islands? If the answer is yes! Then you are in the right place! click either picture above or below to join up and start earning Your Trip to the Bahama's and much more![caption id="attachment_5752" align="alignnone" width="1650"]vacation-like-a-boss-flyer-en-page-001 Click on flyer to join my team and get started.[/caption]

What's Next?